New opensource project management app for BIM projects

I have been contemplating using a webapp for managing our BIM projects for a while now. I have been studying implementing a SCRUM workflow to get it done (found some stuff I can use and some I cannot). Looked at using Redmine, ProjectPier, Trac and others that are popular and get a lot of developer attention and most importantly, are open source.

Have been trying to standardize on ProjectPier simply because of my familiarity with PHP and ease of install on a local development machine to test, but have found so many issues with third-party themes and people not keeping them updated. Instead of delving into the abyss of theming an existing project that doesn’t really fit the needs of my company (and probably that of other people in my situation) I decided to start a new project specifically aimed at the BIM world.

I started a new project over at github with a blank Rails project called BIMPMapp which is a Project Management application devoted to managing all things related to a BIM project. From the people involved internally and externally, documents, emails, models, ASIs, etc. all the way down to a conversation you had on the phone with a vendor or field foreman on something that might get lost through the cracks.

I am hoping to get this launched into the great world of AEC to bring the advancements and light-bulb moments that software developers use on a daily basis to our world which I know will only make things better, easier and faster.


I was initially debating which language to write the app in. I know PHP very well and am very comfortable writing/debugging and reading PHP, but I am almost in love with Ruby and the Rails framework [RoR]. I also realize that 99.999% of our industry is in the Autodesk world and even considered using .NET to write the app in (which was quickly thrown out for other reasons listed below) since I write all of my plugins for AutoCAD and Revit in .NET. I decided to initially begin the project in RoR.

That isn’t to say that the final published v1.0 language will be Ruby, but that I am starting it in that for three reasons.
1. To increase my knowledge of the RoR framework/language
2. To tap into the knowledge of my fellow webdev comrades who are all nuts about RoR right now and
3. To get an initial prototype of the app up and running quickly with minimal setup like would be required in PHP.

All that said, I would love to get some more people involved in the project and help direct it to where it will be a usable product for the industry. I will start developing it with my own needs in mind, but gladly incorporate ideas of others. Help me out and let’s make something great together.