Visibility issues with Phasing in Revit MEP with Architectural Links

In attempting to cleanup and link an Architect’s Revit model to my MEP model (since I am currently only using Revit MEP and have not yet got my “one-box” setup) I performed all the proper procedures to purge and cleanup the Architectural model, but after linking into my MEP template, there were problems.


Clean Arch Model                                                  Linked Model

All the walls, windows, floors, etc. were all missing in my views. I began to poke around a little and see if the visibility graphics were not being brought through or the view properties were off. Everything seemed to be ok, but I could not figure out why none of the walls were showing. I immediately thought of phasing issues, but never dealt with multiple phases of projects from linked files since your MEP template only has the phases you setup and doesn’t bring over the phases from linked rvt files.

I searched around the interwebs for a few minutes but found nothing. The only thing I found was a forum post on revitcity (although there are hundreds) that talked about setting the visibility graphics for the linked Revit file and setting the options to ‘By linked view’ and setting the linked view to a specific view from the linked file. (What?!)

This is supposed to match your view to equal that from the linked file. It worked, but not what I needed for the whole project.

Then I noticed there was an option for Phasing from the linked file. 

Setting this option to ‘<Last>’ instead of ‘<By host view>’ will match the phase of the Architectural model. Voila! It worked and my walls/doors everything finally showed up correctly.

I had to write it down somewhere so I wouldn’t forget and maybe somewhere out in the world there is another poor soul having the exact same issue.