Revit Add-ins

So since I have been working in Revit exclusively for the past 5 months and pretty much haven’t touched AutoCAD at all (except for the occasional conversion of DWG to PDF) I quickly came across a lot of shortcomings in the program to help me with my daily tasks, specifically with regards to the way we utilize our models to construct buildings and adapt to major changes in design 2/3 of the way through.

I wanted to write a quick post to update on what I have been working on and what I plan to work on in the near future.


The first, largest issue I had was with using our robotic totalstation. In my previous company, we were totally AutoCAD based and the Sokkia unit we purchased from GetThePoint (awesome company) comes with an awesome plugin for AutoCAD that I used religiously and did some really cool things with our totalstation. However, at my current company, we have a Trimble unit and we don’t have any of the proprietary software to get points in and out of any software (let alone AutoCAD or Revit).

My predecessor had written a quick plugin to export a generic family out to a txt file that could be loaded onto the data collector and shoot points in the field, but there was no import routine written for Revit 2013 to bring in shot points back into my model. I didn’t even realize this until one of the projects I am working on required existing field conditions shot and placed in the model.

I decided to write a very comprehensive add-in that replaced the old export point routine that allowed actual descriptions and more detail added to each point for the field and the glorious import routine that created points in the model. I wrote two exporters and two importers to basically work with any format for any totalstation. TXT and CSV file formats in either Y,X,Z or X,Y,Z coordinate format.

It works so well for me and my company and thought there might be some other people out there that could use it as well and I have placed it for sale on the Autodesk appstore here.

Next post: Moving circuits between panels automatically…