Revit STF exporter and DIALux

Revit STF exporter and DIALux

I recently open-sourced a Revit add-in for exporting spaces and luminaires for use in DIALux lighting calculation software. If you are unfamiliar with DIALux, you really should check it out. It is free software developed by/for lighting professionals and is pretty awesome.

The add-in gathers Spaces within your Revit project and writes out the geometric data, identity data and luminaire information (types, quantities, and layout) to the DIALux proprietary STF file format. You can open this newly created file directly within DIALux and begin your light calculations immediately; eliminating duplication.


For Autodesk University this year, I am pleased to announce a more friendly project page on GitHub as well as maintaining current builds at all times on the open source project for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of building the source code. This is in concurrency of another big shift I have been talking about within the AEC industry as a whole, and that is the idea of more open source projects.

You may already be aware of Dynamo  which is the visual programming environment for Revit. It was released as an open source project on GitHub some time ago also. On top of that, CASE has officially released Rhynamo, our interoperability tool with Rhino, to the open source community as well. The project was created by Nate Miller and is now open for anyone to participate and contribute.

These two projects have been received with such great fanfare that I am sure we will see more like them in the not-so-distant future.

– STF Exporter project page on GitHub
– Dynamo project page on GitHub
– Learn about Rhynamo:
– Rhynamo project page on Rhynamo on BitBucket